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Who are we

Spotin is a Non-Profit Organization that serves as a hub for educational innovation, seeking to redefine how we learn and perceive the world around us. 

As pioneers in promoting geotechnologies, digital maps and geo-storytelling in the school community, we organize the Panhellenic School Map Competition

We implement interdisciplinary educational activities that cultivate 21st-century skills and combine technology with experiential learning approach. We train teachers and students of all school levels in the practical use of geotechnologies and create educational material that is openly accessible to everyone.

We also undertake projects for the development of geo-applications in collaboration with organizations in Greece and abroad, participating in projects that highlight and promote the use of geospatial information. 

All our actions are socially oriented. We engage local communities and stakeholders, building together a large community of a new generation of active citizens who are digitally literate and socially conscious.

Education, technology and citizenship comprise a unique set of actions that transform our learning experience!

Our Vision and Mission

Empowering Minds, Transforming Education: Navigating the World through Geotechnologies and Digital Maps

We envision a world where education is not restricted in classroom, evolving into an exciting journey of learning and exploration. We aspire to cultivate a community where schools and society are inspired to comprehend the world through the spatial dimension of knowledge, harnessing the power of geotechnologies and digital maps. Together, we seek to revolutionize the learning experience, encouraging a paradigm shift towards a more spatial, modern and creative approach.

Our mission is to redefine the way we learn and perceive the world through innovative learning experiences centered around geotechnologies, digital maps and geo-storytelling. We implement actions that cultivate 21st-century skills and integrate technology with interdisciplinary and experiential learning approaches. We foster a new generation of active citizens who are digitally literate and socially conscious.

Our guiding principles







Practice Areas


Participation in projects that increase environmental awareness and promote the cultivation of green skills

STE(A)M Education

Discovery-based learning, promotion of STE(A)M educational activities

Science and Technology

Technological literacy, experimentation and science education, collaboration with universities and related institutions


Utilization of geotechnologies to promote cultural heritage


Social innovation, activation and awareness of local communities, actions with a positive social impact


Exchange of best practices and innovative ideas for sport-related activities