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About us

Spotin (Spotlight on Innovation) is a non-profit organization that serves as a meeting point for the promotion of innovation in various fields of action to the benefit of society. Special emphasis is given on the use of new technologies, synthesis and visualization of information through mapping applications and geospatial storytelling.

We call on the whole society (schools, local communities, municipalities, universities, institutions, experts from different disciplines) to join, learn and experiment with us on the field through a creative, inquiry-based and participatory way, thus building a joint learning community.

We incubate and develop innovative, interdisciplinary learning activities and solutions, aimed at sharing knowledge, exchanging best practices and experiences and broadening our learning horizons.

Spotin is comprised of us; people who wish to meet, engage, collaborate. Together, we co-create and we co-deliver. Small innovations co-constructed by society for the society.

Our Mission

To inspire change by connecting people from different expertise under common, participatory, creative and innovative actions with a positive social impact.

Our practice areas


Support green initiatives and sustainability actions in schools and society

Participate in environmental-related projects that promote the development of green skills

Invest on environmentally-friendly technologies

Contribute in awareness campaigns on how young generations can preserve our natural environment, make effective use of resources, while reducing our environmental impact

STE(A)M Education

Support STE(Α)M teaching at all levels of education and promote STE(Α)M educational opportunities

Encourage the employment of project-based activities (team work, problem solving, critical thinking, creativity, experiential projects, engineering, educational robotics etc.)

Work towards the creation of an inclusive, inquiry-based learning environment in which all students are able to engage, experiment and contribute

Contribute to the development of relevant educational material, where needed

Science & Technology

Support techno-science research and innovation policies, through our cooperation with research institutions and related stakeholders

Make science more comprehensive and accessible to all, enabling a deeper involvement of society in science’s and technology’s affairs

Participate in actions that enhance people’s scientific and technological literacy

Create a community of learning enthusiasts, who are eager to experiment, advance their knowledge, discover new things and test results


Participate in innovative actions related to the preservation and promotion of cultural heritage

Promote the role of digital technologies to the benefit of culture, increasing the visibility of culture and the access of society to it

Support new approaches to cultural tourism

Contact cultural organizations in Greece and abroad, thus creating a network of culture enthusiasts and encouraging the exchange of best practices 


Build a social innovation network that supports sharing and exchange of experiences, best practices, new ideas

Develop adequate solutions with a positive social impact

Promote social innovation spots and social entrepreneurship

Contribute to the dissemination and awareness campaigns on the value and benefits of social innovation


Identify opportunities related to sports activities and participate in relevant projects

Explore potential synergies between sports institutions

Encourage new approaches to sports tourism that combine physical activity with experiential learning

Support the exchange of best practices and the dissemination of innovative ideas on sport-related activities

Spotin (Spotlight on Innovation) is a non-profit organization that acts as a hub for the promotion of innovation in various fields of action for the benefit of society. We emphasize on the utilization of new technologies, the synthesis and visualization of information through geospatial applications and geospatial storytelling.



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