Title: "GEO-Academy: Innovative digital GEO-Tools for enhancing teachers' digital, green and spatial skills towards and effective STEAM Education for Sustainability Development"

Duration: 2023-2026

GA number: 101104693



The scope of the GEO-Academy Project (Erasmus+ Teacher Academies) is the creation of a joint European network and a community of practice providing teachers, both already active (in-service) and those graduating in the future (pre-service), opportunities for professional learning on sustainable development using innovative digital technologies and pedagogical methodologies.

On the basis of specific geo-concepts, GEO-Academy will develop a repository of cutting-edge geo-technologies (ex. Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Remote Sensing (RS) and Earth Observation (EO), Geospatial Storytelling), training materials and competence-based educational pedagogies that will be freely accessible to all through an e-learning platform developed in 7 languages. The material will then be adapted to the national curricula, with the ultimate goal of fostering teachers’ digital, green and spatial skills, while holistically educating the next generation of European citizens on Sustainable Development topics.

Teachers will have a pivotal role throughout the whole process, acting reflectively both as trainees and co-designers. During its lifecycle, GΕΟ-Academy will also usher the activities through online, physical and blended training across Europe.

The GEO-Academy network consists of 12 key partners and experts (geoscientists, environmental and education science experts, research organizations and educational institutions) from 7 EU countries (Austria, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Greece, France, Portugal, Sweden).

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