Map Competition

Title: "Mapping Accessibility. Can my schoolmate in a wheelchair come to school?"

School Year: 2022 - 2023


After an approval from the Greek Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs, Spotlight on Innovation (SpotIn) organizes the 2nd Panhellenic Map Competition entitled “Mapping Accessibility. Can my schoolmate in a wheelchair come to school?”.

The Competition aims at raising students’ awareness and familiarizing them with accessibility issues of people with physical (mobility) disabilities, through the collection of geospatial information and their representation on digital maps. 

Under the guidance of their educators, students are asked to:

  • walk the route to their school
  • trace the spots that are accessible or have obstacles for people moving with wheelchairs
  • capture these spots through the use of a special spatial data collection for smartphones
  • record these spots on digital maps, synthesizing the results under a storymap (geo- storytelling).

The technological means to be used in the framework of the Competition will be granted to schools free of charge.

The work of schools participating in the Competition will be assessed by a special scientific committee.

Experiential learning
Spatial thinking


Through the Competition, students will have the opportunity to:

  • raise their awareness on accessibility and inclusion
  • be trained via experiential and exploratory learning
  • use new technologies, collect geospatial data and compose digital maps
  • enhance their spatial thinking and digital skills.

Spotin (Spotlight on Innovation) is a non-profit organization that acts as a hub for the promotion of innovation in various fields of action for the benefit of society. We emphasize on the utilization of new technologies, the synthesis and visualization of information through geospatial applications and geospatial storytelling.


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