What we do

  • Organization of the Panhellenic Student Map Competition 
  • Training of teachers and students from primary to high school on geotechnologies, digital maps and geo-storytelling
  • Development of open-access educational material
  • Interdisciplinary learning activities
  • Discovery-based, experiential learning
  • 21st-century skills
  •  Specialization in Geographic Information Systems (GIS), digital maps and geo-storytelling in education
  • Development of geo-applications 
  • Collaboration with university and research institutions in Greece and abroad 
  • Planning, submission and implementation of EU-funded projects leveraging geospatial information and digital maps
  • Harnessing new technologies for the benefit of society (social innovation) 
  • Collaborations and networking with relevant organizations and experts for awareness raising initiatives 
  • Activation and engagement of local communities and stakeholders 
  • Shaping a new generation of active citizens

Our philosophy

Why collaborate with us?

Interdisciplinary approach

Βased on 21st-century skills, οur actions combine technology and experiential approach, offering a holistic learning experience that goes beyond classroom and connects with the real world.

Specialization in Geotechnologies

We specialize in promoting geotechnologies, digital maps and geo-storytelling.

Training for Educators and Students

We provide practical training for teachers and students from primary to high school.

Creation of Training Material

We create analytical educational material, openly accessible to everyone.

Project-Based Activities

Participants engage in real projects, gaining tangible experiences.

Discovery-based Learning

Participants explore and experiment, acting as "human sensors" who collect their own data on the field.

Collaborations and Synergies

We collaborate with teachers, students and local communities, as well as with stakeholders in Greece and abroad, jointly building a large learning community.

Social Awareness and Citizenship

Our actions activate the school community and local societies, with a positive social impact.

Our process

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